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Laser Welding Machine Applications In Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The application of laser welding machine technology on car bodies can achieve the goal of reducing body weight and achieving fuel efficiency.

The firmness and lightness of the laser welding machine can improve the integration degree of the vehicle body.

The high precision and efficiency characteristics of laser welding machine technology can improve efficiency in production while ensuring its safety and stability.

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The main welding methods for car body assembly include the welding of the top cover and side pillars, tailgate, body bracket, and door. With the demand for product replacement, laser welding machine is increasingly widely used in the automotive field, and assembly welding has been accepted by most manufacturers.

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Tailored welded blanks are made by welding steel with different strengths, thicknesses, and coatings. Laser welding machines are widely used due to their fast speed, high accuracy, and small weld seams. Currently, most automotive tailor-welded blanks are made by laser welding.

1. The body weight is light, and welding is used to make the sheet thinner to reduce the body weight.

2. The overall strength is high, and after the body is composed of welded plates, the strength even exceeds that of the base material body, increasing the safety of the body.

3. The cost is relatively low, and the welding strength and accuracy are higher than traditional materials, reducing the use of parts while ensuring performance.

The application of laser welding machine technology in vehicle body manufacturing can reduce the number of parts, molds, and welding fixtures, reduce the weight and cost of the vehicle body, and improve the market competitiveness of the product. The main application of tailor-welded blanks in the automotive body is mainly in covering parts, and some are also used in structural parts.

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Laser welding machine technology is widely used, and the same is true in the current booming automotive manufacturing industry. Laser welding technology is mainly used in automotive manufacturing for the welding of unequal thickness plates, body welding, and automotive component welding.

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