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Laser Welding Machine Application In The New Energy Industry

The laser welding machine is currently mainly used in the new energy industry in the following areas: laser welding of explosion-proof valves in the front section, laser welding of pole columns, and laser welding of connecting pieces; Sealing welding in the middle section, sealing with laser welding; Laser welding of the busbar in the rear section and laser welding of the detection line.


The following is a brief introduction to the several laser welding machine advantages applications in the new energy industry.

1. In terms of laser welding machine explosion-proof valve welding, the use of fiber lasers can effectively improve welding quality and welding yield. Equipped with dedicated welding heads, the size of the light spot can be adjusted to meet different welding process requirements, ensuring welding effectiveness and stability.

2. Laser welding machine adopts a fiber optic+semiconductor composite welding process in pole welding, which can effectively suppress welding spatter, reduce welding explosion points, improve welding quality, and ensure welding yield. Equipped with high-precision pressure sensors, real-time detection of pole pressure ensures stable sealing ring compression, and detects insufficient gas source pressure alarm prompts.

3. The laser welding machine uses IPG fiber laser in CCS nickel sheet laser welding, which is the most successful laser brand. Its stability, penetration, low attenuation, and high energy utilization are unparalleled by other brands. The welding of CCS nickel sheets is highly welcomed by customers for its high penetration rate, fast speed, beautiful solder joints, and strong operability.


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