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Laser Welding Machine Aluminum Alloy Welding

Laser welding technology of aluminum alloy is a new technology developed in recent ten years. Compared with traditional welding technology, it has the characteristics of strong function, high reliability and high efficiency. It has the advantages of high power density, low total heat input, large penetration with the same heat input, small heat affected zone, small welding deformation, high speed and easy industrial automation, especially for heat-treated aluminum alloys. It can improve the processing speed and greatly reduce the heat input, so as to improve the production efficiency and improve the welding quality. When welding high-strength and thick aluminum alloy, the traditional welding method is simply impossible to weld through a single pass, but when laser deep penetration welding forms a deep keyhole, the keyhole effect can be achieved.

Laser Welding Aluminum Alloy Advantages

1.High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat affected zone and large melting depth.

2.The cooling rate is high, and the micro weld structure is obtained, and the joint performance is good.

3.Laser welding does not use electrodes, which reduces working hours and costs.

4.The shape of the weldment is not affected by electromagnetism and does not produce X-rays.

5.It can weld metal materials inside closed and transparent objects.

6.The laser can be transmitted by optical fiber in a long distance, so that the process adaptability is good. With the cooperation of computer and manipulator, the automation and precision control of welding process can be realized.

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