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Laser welding allows electrical appliances and cars to coexist with appearance and strength

Laser welding uses an optical system to use a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source, focusing the laser beam on a small area, forming a highly concentrated heat source area in a very short time, making the workpiece The solder melts and forms a strong solder joint or seam. It is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology. In the 1970s, it was mainly used for welding thin-walled materials and low-speed welding. As a new type of welding method, it is currently in a stage of rapid development.

Compared with other traditional connection methods, laser welding has the advantages of fast welding speed, beautiful welds, high efficiency and stability, and automated integration. It is widely used in consumer electronics, home appliances and hardware, kitchenware and sanitary ware, auto parts, medical care, jewelry, daily necessities and other industries. With the innovation and progress of technology, it has also been successfully used in precision welding of micro and small parts.

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