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Laser Marking Machine Is Essential In Metal Processing

Metal is widely using in our life, involving all walks of life. Such as anti-theft windows, stair handrails, metal gates etc. ,architectural decoration, tables, chairs, clothes racks etc., the furniture and household industry, automobile frames, exhaust, bus handrails etc.,automobile manufacturing, metal wheelchairs, medical beds etc.,medical devices, metal bathroom doors in the sanitary ware industry, shower heads etc.

However, in the application of metal, the indispensable process is laser marking process. Today, Riselaser will introduce a metal marking equipment – metal laser marking machine. The metal laser marking machine adopts the fiber laser to melt the metal wall at high temperature, and then cool and solidify to reach the marking process. The laser marking process is beautiful, the heat affected area is small, the marking seam is beautiful, the marking efficiency is high, 2 ~ 5 times faster than the traditional marking speed, and the marking firmness is strong.

The metal laser marking machine is specially equipped for marking the thin wall within 0 ~ 5mm. The hand-held operation is convenient and flexible, with high aesthetics, and there is no need for later grinding process. The metal marking machine has three optional powers of 20W, 30W and 50W. It is suitable for metal marking with different wall thicknesses. The requirements for operators are simple. They do not need to work with certificates. They can start quickly without technical barriers by simple training.

Metal laser marking machine widely used for marking various metals and composite metal materials, such as carbon steel, metal, copper, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, etc. In addition, this metal laser marking machine can also implement the cutting function, and can mark metal materials of about 3mm. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. It is a high-quality choice for many metal manufacturers.

Riselaser’s laser marking machine can be selected according to the customer’s work needs.If you want more details,contact us please!

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