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Laser Marking Machine Application In Marking Of Acrylic Materials

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the market prospect of laser marking processing acrylic gifts is also getting better and better. Laser marking processing has been loved by people because of its high-speed and simple processing advantages. For example, laser marking and processing of acrylic handicrafts can be preserved for a long time without discoloration and moisture, and can be permanently bright.

fiber laser engraving machine

Using laser marking machine to mark acrylic is undoubtedly the best choice. Acrylic is formed by laser marking machine at one time, which is very flexible without additional polishing. Laser marking machine is used for marking plastic materials. When processing acrylic, the traditional machining method is to directly act the drill bit and other machinery on the acrylic workpiece, which will not only cause acrylic deformation, but also form burrs at the processing place. In order to meet the production requirements, it needs some treatment, the processing speed will slow down, and the precision can not meet the requirements. However, the use of laser marking processing can avoid the above disadvantages, greatly accelerate the research and development speed of new acrylic products, and accelerate the application of acrylic in high-end fields.

With the transfer of the global manufacturing center to China, the annual growth rate of the market demand for laser marking machines in China has reached more than 50%. The laser marking technology has gradually replaced the traditional processing means in the field of sheet metal processing with its flexibility and flexibility. Moreover, after years of development, China’s laser marking technology and equipment have grown from scratch and have gradually formed a certain industrial scale.

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