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Laser Cleaning Machine Advantages And Application

A laser cleaning machine is a high integration of a cleaning laser and an industrial robot. It is mainly composed of laser and laser cleaning heads, control systems, chiller, and accessories. It can achieve accurate cleaning and simple operation in the process of automatic cleaning.


Laser cleaning machine advantages

1. The laser cleaning machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to make the dirt, rust, or coating on the surface evaporate or peel off instantaneously, thus achieving the cleaning process.

2. Industrial mold cleaning, rust and paint removal, etc.

3. Laser cleaning machine can be cleaned quickly and is Ultra-portablewithout damaging the base material and has good accessibility.

Laser cleaning machine industrial application

Application industries: high-speed railway, aerospace, ocean, automobile, mold, rail, nuclear power, machinery, sheet metal, electricity, cultural relics, etc.

Processing objects: mold, gear, guide rail, piston, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, hot-rolled steel, etc.


Laser cleaning machine technology is an important link in industrial production and other fields. It subverts traditional cleaning technologies such as “chemical cleaning, mechanical polishing, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning” and is a new type of cleaning technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. Laser cleaning has many unique advantages: it can improve cleanliness; Short cleaning cycle; Low operation cost and automatic operation; Get to the designated location quickly and effectively; It can clean the edges and corners, etc. It has gradually replaced the traditional cleaning process in the field with its unique advantages.


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