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Laser Cleaning Machine Price

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser related technology in our country, the application of laser cleaning machine has become more and more popular, which has attracted extensive attention. But most people don’t know much about laser cleaning equipment. What is the price based on?

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It is difficult to have a fixed price for the laser cleaning machine. There is only a general price range. This is because laser cleaning machines are generally customized.

The 200W air-cooled hand-held laser cleaning machine is used by some manufacturers to remove rust, paint and carbon deposits on tire molds,it may need to be faster and more efficient, and the control system will require the installation of PIC; Some manufacturers use it to remove the coating on the chip and PCB circuit board,they want to monitor the relevant data in real time, so they will require the installation of PLC. It is Gaussian light or flat top light, pulse or continuous, QCS or QBH,depending on the specific.

And in order to achieve the best cleaning effect for the corresponding substrate to be cleaned, it is usually necessary to adjust the corresponding fiber length, field mirror focal depth, output power, pulse width and scanning speed according to the characteristics of different substrates.

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The price of laser cleaning machines of the same model in the low power section is often slightly different, let alone those in the ultra-high power section. It can be said that the laser cleaning machines purchased by different customers will not be the same. That’s why it doesn’t have an accurate price.

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