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Laser Cleaning Machine Is An Extremely Simple Method

Speaking of rust removal, many people will think that the iron appliances at home are rusty, so how do we solve it? Or the traditional cleaning method is still used. Trouble not to mention, when we clean up soon, it will rust again. Some friends may have guessed what I want to introduce next. Yes, it’s the laser derusting we mentioned before. Let’s take a look at specific examples.

For example, a workpiece needs to obtain the properties of titanium, but the cost of manufacturing the whole workpiece with titanium alloy material is too high. Steel can be used as the material of the workpiece by laser cladding, and then coated with a layer of titanium alloy on the workpiece, so as to save costs. The workpiece has the properties of titanium. In the electrical contact industry, the thickness of silver coating is less than 0. On the copper substrate, a powder silver coating with a thickness of less than 0 is used instead of 02mm. Using 02mm to replace the electroplating process harmful to human body reduces the waste of precious metals and improves the production efficiency. Laser cladding is a high-tech involving many disciplines, such as optics, mechanics, electricity, physics, chemistry, materials, computers and so on. Its development must depend on the maturity of other technologies. Laser cladding technology has been developed. In recent years, with the development and popularization of high-power laser, laser cladding technology has been introduced from the laboratory and began to be popularized and applied in industry. Including material composition, laser light source, laser power, time and speed, mathematical model, automatic control, etc. It needs systematic research and control, and the technical threshold is relatively high, so it has a good technical development prospect. After years of independent research and development, it has four production lines: enhanced, simplified and clean, and its market scale is in a position among similar enterprises in the country.

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