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How To Choose A Laser Welding Machine Correctly?

The choice of laser welding machine is a lot of attention, whether it is the type of laser welding machine, or the power of laser welding machine, manufacturers have many models, so users must have their own judgment, the correct choice of the appropriate laser welding machine. So, how to choose a laser welding machine correctly?

1. The experience of laser welding machine manufacturer.

Laser marking machine manufacturers with rich experience can guarantee the quality of the machine. If the manufacturers have rich experience, they also have a lot of experience in the production of laser welding machines, which can guarantee the production of high-quality welding machines. Before purchasing the laser welding machine, the user can also go to the manufacturer to check whether the manufacturer is professional and whether the machine sample is OK.

2. The power of laser welding machine.

Now there are many kinds of laser welding machine power on the market, which can affect the laser welding effect. Generally speaking, the higher the power of laser welding machine, the deeper the processing depth and the faster the welding speed. When selecting the power, it is not that the larger the better, but that it is not suitable. If the material is only suitable for low-power processing, it is not necessary to use high-power processing, and the material will be yellow and damaged due to excessive power.

3. The manufacturer’s after-sales service.

Manufacturer’s after-sales service is very important. It can be said that a good manufacturer’s after-sales service is also perfect, which can help solve many problems of users in a one-stop way.

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