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Do You Know How To Choose Optical Fiber Laser Marking?

Nowadays, the optical fiber laser marking machine has experienced a series of development and evolution, and the price is much lower than before. However, compared with the general household appliances, the optical fiber marking machine is much cheaper. Customers will carefully evaluate, compare and check when purchasing, hoping to buy products with good quality and low price. Most customers should consider carefully when purchasing. In order to reduce the input loss, the quality of the optical fiber marking machine must be separated.

Configuration of optical fiber laser marking machine:

Laser, vibrating mirror, lens, control card, industrial computer and power supply are the main features of optical fiber marking machine. Among these brands, laser, vibrating mirror and lens are divided into two categories: imported and domestic. However, the domestic control card, industrial computer, power supply, etc. have a high degree of popularization and technical level, which can completely achieve partial substitution. The core optical devices, such as laser, vibrating mirror, lens, etc., need to be configured according to the needs of users in some fields. The corresponding price difference and performance of different brands are also different. Even for the same laser of the same brand, the parameters, prices and performance are different, resulting in different overall stability of the equipment. This is a sign of the quality difference of the whole optical fiber marking machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of optical fiber laser marking machine:

The factor that affects the quality of optical fiber marking machine is the manufacturer’s brand, which is also divided into pure imported equipment and domestic equipment. With the lowering of the technical threshold of optical fiber marker, a large number of manufacturers have appeared. The price advantage and sales cycle advantage of pure imported optical fiber marking machine manufacturers have gradually lost, even lost to China. However, domestic optical fiber marking machine manufacturers have rapidly established product advantages, product trends, established a brand image and formed a brand effect.

Therefore, when customers identify the quality of optical fiber marking machines, the price is one aspect, the stability of quality is one aspect, and it is also a very important point. They should make clear their demand for products, make clear their goals, and then compare the price, quality and so on. If they blindly pursue low prices, look at a few more, and then look back at their demand for products and goals, Again and again, it will certainly have a counter effect. On the contrary, some “gods of ears and eyes” don’t care about the price of the equipment on the surface. They are like a mirror. They can weigh the gains and losses and know that their own interests are the winners. In order to get good service and good product quality, they can also save their worries.


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