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How Handheld Laser Welding Machines Weld Fish Scale Lines?

With the development of industry, hand-held laser welding machines are gradually integrated into people’s life. The handheld laser welding machine occupies a small space and has many functions. It can be used for welding and cutting, so a multi-purpose handheld welding machine is enough to attract everyone’s attention. It is not new that hand-held laser welder replaces traditional welding equipment. The handheld laser welder has a variety of optical characteristics, including fish scale welding. It is believed that many welders can weld beautiful fish scale. Comparing this welder requires certain technology and experience.

On the other hand, the hand-held laser welder can easily weld fish scale lines. Next, learn about the various lighting modes of the handheld laser welding machine:

1. Spot welding: with small light spot and strong energy, spot welding can be used for materials with welding penetration or cutting requirements.

2. Linear welding: the width is adjustable, and the compared materials have certain penetration. Direct welding can be used for seam welding, wire feeding, positive fillet welding, etc.

3. “0” type welding: adjustable diameter and uniform energy density distribution.

4. Double “0” type: the diameter is adjustable. Its main function is to reduce light spots. It is suitable for welding at various angles.

5. Triangle welding: the width is adjustable, and the energy of three sides can fully heat the middle and both sides of the plate, and reduce the light spots at the same time.

6. The fish scale welding mode of the traditional welding machine, “fish scale welding”: on the basis of the triangular light mode, the spot is continuously increased to reheat the welding plate. The “fish scale welding” mode can be used for large width welding.

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