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Does Laser Welding Machine Quality Affect Laser Beam Stability?

The laser welding machine does not need to use electrodes, so there is no concern about electrode pollution or damage. And since it does not belong to the contact welding process, the wear and deformation of the equipment can be minimized. The energy characteristics of the laser beam of the laser welding machine mainly include the wavelength of the laser beam, the power and power density of the beam. So the quality of this laser welding machine will directly affect the stability of the laser beam?


The laser power density plays a major role in laser welding machine. This is because there is a critical power density threshold for different materials, and only when the power density value of the laser beam focus exceeds this threshold can small holes be formed and deep penetration welding be achieved. This is for wavelength 10.6 μ The CO2 laser beam of m is of great significance. Because metal materials strongly reflect laser beams of this wavelength.


When the laser beam is the base mode, the maximum weld depth and aspect ratio can be obtained. The higher the order of the beam mode, the more divergent the energy distribution of the laser beam, and the worse the welding quality. The influence of laser beam with different beam focusing characteristic parameter K on the quality of laser welding. The larger the beam K value, the worse the quality, and the smaller the depth width ratio of the weld. The power density of materials forming small pores is not only related to the average power density, but mainly depends on the maximum power density, which is closely related to the cross-sectional energy distribution.

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The relationship between the equipment quality of laser welding machine and the beam mode characteristics, which include the beam quality of the laser beam, the beam mode and the cross section energy distribution of the beam. The beam mode determines the energy distribution of the focal point and has a significant impact on laser processing.

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The quality of the laser welding machine affects the beam stability, so let’s share it here. For the laser welding machine, for the focus with a certain power and the same radius, the cross section energy distribution is different. Although the average power density is the same, the maximum power density is not the same.

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