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Aluminum Alloy Laser Welding Machine Advantages

Aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal material. It has the advantages of light weight, good toughness and high strength. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing and chemical industry. Laser welding of aluminum alloy can improve its processing speed and greatly reduce heat input, so as to improve production efficiency and welding quality.

Aluminum alloy laser welding machine because the laser beam is realized by pulse or continuous laser beam, when the laser beam directly irradiates the aluminum alloy surface, the heat on the aluminum alloy surface can quickly diffuse to the interior of the aluminum alloy. At the same time, a reaction force is formed on the molten metal, and the surface of the molten aluminum alloy is pressed down to form a small hole.

Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding machine has the characteristics of strong function, high reliability, no vacuum condition and high efficiency. It has the advantages of high power density, low total heat input, large melting depth with the same heat input, small heat affected zone, small welding deformation, high speed and easy industrial automation, especially for heat-treated aluminum alloy.


Advantages of aluminum alloy laser welding machine

1.High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat affected zone and large melting depth.

2.The cooling rate is high to obtain fine weld structure and good joint performance.

3.Compared with traditional welding, laser welding does not use electrodes, so the man hour and cost are reduced.

4.The vacuum atmosphere during electron beam welding is not required, and the protective gas and pressure can be selected. The shape of the welded part is not affected by electromagnetism and does not produce X-rays.

5.It can weld metal materials inside closed transparent objects.

6.The laser can be transmitted by optical fiber for a long distance, so that the process adaptability is good. With the cooperation of computer and manipulator, the automation and precision control of welding process can be realized.


Riselaser aluminum alloy laser welding machine is suitable for the welding of metal materials including gold, silver, copper, stainless steel and so on. It is commonly used in aluminum alloy door and window processing, aluminum alloy crafts, aluminum alloy electronic components, aluminum plates, all kinds of aluminum products, copper products, alloy materials and other related industries.

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