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Why Laser Welding Machines Require Wire Feeding?

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial manufacturing, welding technology, as an important connection process, plays a vital role in various industries. The laser welding machine is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency welding equipment, which is widely used in automobile, aviation, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. In the laser welding process, wire feeding is a common auxiliary technology that can improve welding quality and efficiency. Laser welding is suitable for self-fusion welding. Usually, no welding material is added and the joint is formed by melting the welding material itself. However, to reduce the assembly accuracy, improve the weld formation and improve the adaptability of the welded structure, the filler metal is also required. Filler metal is usually added in the form of welding wire, which can be cold or hot. During deep penetration welding, the amount of filler metal should not be too large, so as not to damage the small hole effect.

Laser wire-fed welding starts by heating the product pad with a laser. After the pad reaches a certain temperature, the tin wire is sent to the pad, and the tin wire is melted by a laser to attach the melted tin wire to the pad. This technology enables high-speed, high-quality welding and is suitable for welding various materials.

The reason why the laser welding machine needs wire feeding

  1. Laser welding is suitable for self-fluxing welding. Generally, no welding materials are added, and the joints are formed by the melting of the materials to be welded. But sometimes to reduce the assembly accuracy, improve the weld shape and improve the adaptability of the welded structure, it is also necessary to add filler metal
  2. Improve welding quality by filling materials: Adding filler metal can change the chemical composition of the weld, to achieve the purpose of controlling the structure of the weld, improving the forming, and improving the mechanical properties of the joint. In some cases, it can also improve the ability of the weld to resist crystallization cracks.
  3. Control the welding depth: By adjusting the wire feeding speed and welding power, the welding depth can be controlled to ensure the consistency and stability of the welding seam.

Operation method

  1. Select the appropriate welding wire: select the appropriate welding wire according to the different welding materials to ensure the welding quality.
  2. Adjust the wire feeding speed: adjust the wire feeding speed according to the welding needs to ensure that the welding depth and weld width meet the requirements.
  3. Welding power adjustment: Determine the welding power according to the thickness of the welding material and the welding depth to avoid over-welding or under-welding.
  4. Control welding speed: control welding speed to ensure welding quality and production efficiency.

Need to pay attention to:

  1. Avoid welding wire breakage: Check the quality and length of welding wire to avoid welding wire breakage, which will affect welding quality and production efficiency.
  2. Avoid excessive welding or insufficient welding: according to the requirements of welding materials, control the welding power and speed to avoid excessive welding or insufficient welding.
  3. Avoid porosity during the welding process: control the welding temperature and speed to avoid porosity during the welding process and affect the welding quality.
  4. Wire feeding angle: the front wire feeding method has the advantage of high reliability in dragging the welding wire, and the butt joint groove has a guiding effect on the welding wire. The combination of laser radiation and plasma heating causes the wire to melt, which requires a lot of energy and can cause an unstable welding process. In rear wire feeding mode, the corrugation on the surface of the welding seam is finer and the appearance is better. The disadvantage is that the wire may stick to the weld if the wire feeding accuracy is reduced.
  5. Wire feeding speed: If the wire feeding speed is too fast or too slow, it will cause too much or too little molten metal, which will affect the interaction between the laser, the base material, the welding wire, and the formation of the weld.

Advantages of wire feeding for laser welding

  1. Laser welding wire is beneficial to the welding of brittle materials and dissimilar metals. For example, laser welding of dissimilar steels or steel to cast iron may cause weld cracks due to differences in carbon and alloying elements. The filler wire can adjust the metal composition of the weld, reduce the carbon content, increase the nickel content, and inhibit the formation of brittle structures. Laser multi-layer wire welding can also use lower-power laser welding equipment to realize the welding of large-thickness plates and improve the adaptability of laser welding to thick plates.
  2. Multi-material composite welding: Multi-material composite welding can be realized by using wire-feeding technology in the laser welding process. By simultaneously feeding wires of different materials, composite materials can be formed in welded joints to meet specific engineering requirements.
  3. The wire feeding technology can control the wire feeding speed of the welding wire, which matches the laser welding speed, and realizes the uniform and continuous formation of the welding seam. This method can increase welding speed and improve production efficiency.
  4. Laser welding and wire feeding technology can be combined with automation systems and robot technology to realize a highly automated welding process. Through the precise control and intelligent algorithm of laser welding and wire feeding process, automatic tracking and real-time monitoring of complex welding paths can be realized to improve production efficiency and product quality.
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