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Why Choose Laser Marking Machine For PCB Marking?

At present, laser marking machine is widely used in the identification technology of PCB. In order to continuously improve the yield and quality of electronic products, manufacturers use laser marking machine equipment to automatically generate two-dimensional code from the information of raw material purchase, production process, product batch, production date and product destination on PCB, Through laser automatic marking on the surface of PCB / FPCB, the surface of PCB / FPCB can be controlled and the surface of PCB / FPCB can be controlled.

As a high-tech of modern mark processing, laser processing has incomparable advantages compared with traditional processing methods. It is different from traditional processing methods. It is a chemical reaction that uses high-energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece locally, causing the material on the surface to evaporate or change color, leaving a permanent mark for the permanent mark. Laser marking can be carried out on all kinds of characters, symbols, patterns, etc. the size of characters can range from millimeter to micron. This can effectively prevent product forgery. For today’s PCB industry, processing technology is not one of the best solutions, whether it is fine processing, processing efficiency, processing effect, etc., can fully meet the current needs of PCB marking processing.

Therefore, the manufacturer’s circuit board QR code should be how to choose their own laser marking machine, everyone in the pursuit of cost-effective, that is to consider the applicability and price. Riselaser here for you to organize the following points for your reference.

1. Let’s take a look at the laser equipment manufacturers in the subdivided fields first. The laser equipment manufacturers focusing on the circuit board industry have rich landing experience and can select for you quickly and efficiently.

2. From the efficiency of marking, it directly affects the processing capacity of products and the cost of labor time.

3. Due to different equipment, tooling, automation and positioning function modules, processing methods and functions are different.

Through the above three points, find out the high quality laser marking machine brand cooperation, let the laser marking get better application in PCB. Now, the purchase of raw materials, production process and process, product batch number, manufacturer, production date, product destination and other information can be automatically generated into two-dimensional code, which can be automatically engraved on PCB by laser, greatly improving production efficiency and saving labor costs for you.

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