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Which smart car wire-controlled chassis is suitable for laser welding?

With the rapid development of automotive electronics technology and computer network technology, more energy-saving and efficient line control technology has emerged. Most of the low-precision and bulky mechanical systems will be replaced by sensitive and precise electronic sensor units and actuators. Therefore, the traditional actuators, control methods, and control mechanisms of automobiles will inevitably undergo fundamental revolutions. Under the two major development trends of electrification and intelligence, our country is at the corner of the transformation from functional cars to smart cars, and numerous emerging technologies have made great progress.
The intelligent control-by-wire chassis is the most critical execution end of the autonomous driving system and requires a high degree of coordination with upper-level perception and decision-making. The perception system provides a large number of accurate chassis signals for smart cars, and the decision-making layer also provides accurate computing models for smart cars. Finally, a system closed loop is formed through execution levels such as brake-by-wire, steering-by-wire, and wire-controlled suspension. Therefore, autonomous driving technology is also a sufficient condition for the realization of intelligent wire-controlled chassis.

What exactly is drive-by-wire chassis technology?
Wire control technology refers to a technology that uses “wires” or electrical signals to transmit control, replacing the “hard” connections of traditional mechanical connection devices to achieve control. The smart car’s control-by-wire chassis consists of an active braking (electric braking) system, ABS/ESC, motor controller, body control module, EPS, and other components. The wire control system eliminates some bulky and low-precision pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical connections and replaces them with sensors, control units, and electromagnetic actuators driven by electrical signals. Therefore, it has the advantages of a compact structure, good controllability, and fast response speed.

With the rapid development of automotive electronics technology, the development trend of automobiles is integration, modularization, mechatronics, and intelligence. The car’s wire-controlled technology is developing towards this trend. So what are the applications of laser soldering technology in smart car wire-controlled chassis?
Application of laser soldering in automobile wire-controlled chassis
Laser soldering uses tin metal with a lower melting point than the workpiece as the solder, and uses the laser beam (semiconductor laser) as the heating heat source to assist in heating the pins of electronic devices and the pads of leadless devices, and even directly heats solder paste, solder balls, Solders such as tin wires and tin rings are made into a molten state through direct surface heat treatment. Under the action of surface tension and gravity, the molten solder forms due to the diffusion of elements between metals such as pads, leads, and device end faces. Intermetallic compound layer to achieve metallurgical connection. It is a new type of laser welding process.
Because laser soldering only locally heats the connection parts, there is no contact with objects during the heating process, and there is no thermal impact or stress on the components and circuit board body. At the same time, different process parameter configurations can also be implemented according to the type of component leads. Get consistent solder joint quality. In addition, it can also be compatible with various automated production lines to achieve intelligent production. For this reason, laser soldering technology is widely used in the packaging and connection of electronic products. In addition to the mechanical components of the intelligent wire-controlled chassis, the motor controller, body control module, etc. are composed of electronic components and PCB circuit boards, as well as a variety of automotive sensors, all of which are suitable for high-precision and efficient processing and production of laser soldering.

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