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Which Kind Of Laser Marking Machine Is Better?

How to select a laser marking machine?

1. Specify the type of material you want to mark, whether it is steel products or leather products, plastic products or acrylic products. If you want to buy what type of laser marking machine, you have to find out the materials first.

2. Judge whether the pattern or text you want to mark is complex, and whether the machine you buy has achieved the desired effect in the selection of hardware or software. Seriously, if possible, the sample is indeed the best.

3. Specify the area of the materials you mark and whether the machine you choose can reach the area you mark. Not every laser marking machine can accept the marking task of all areas. Therefore, this must be determined. For large-area laser marking machines, pay attention to whether the laser output of each point is stable.

4. What about the hardware of the laser marking machine? Its hardware includes laser head, oscillator, chip and other things. The key lies in the chip and laser head.

5. How about the engraving speed? Due to the different inherent hardware structure of each laser marking machine, the marking speed is also very different. Of course, it also depends on what kind of marking effect the customer needs. What we want to say here is the marking depth. If the relative depth is shallower, the marking speed can be appropriately accelerated, and if it is deeper, the marking speed can be reduced. Of course, the laser marking machine with high power and high price can also solve this problem at the same time in speed and depth. Basically grasp the above points, you can choose a good laser marking machine.

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RL-20H 20W Mini  handheld laser marking machine Parameters

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