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What Laser Beams Effects On Laser Cleaning Machine Quality?

Laser cleaning machine, laser is an energy beam, definitely a non-contact, environmentally friendly way, and regardless of efficiency or cleanliness, laser cleaning is a high-quality standard.

laser cleaning machine product

The process of laser cleaning depends on the interaction between the light pulses generated by the laser and the pollution layer, resulting in a photophysical reaction: influenced by the intensity of the beam and the short pulse laser.

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Product Features

(1) The beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the surface contamination layer to be treated.

(2) Absorb and form rapidly expanding plasma (highly ionized unstable gas), generating shock waves.
(3) The shock wave breaks down pollutants into fragments and removes them.

(4) The light pulse width is short enough to avoid damage to the treated surface caused by thermal accumulation.

(5) Experiments have shown that when there are oxides on the metal surface, plasma will be generated on the metal surface.

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Each laser pulse removes a certain thickness of contamination layer. If the pollution layer is thick, multiple pulses are needed for cleaning. The number of pulses required to clean the surface depends on the degree of surface contamination.

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