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What Is The Difference Between Laser Engraving Machine And Laser Cutting Machine?

The use of laser engraving machines in the leather industry has broken down the problems of slow traditional manual and electric shear speed, difficult typesetting, low efficiency and serious material waste. The characteristics of fast speed and simple operation have brought great benefits to the development of leather industry. Laser engraving machine only need to cut the graphics and size into the computer, laser engraving machine will be based on the data on your computer to cut the entire material into the finished product you need. No tools, no molds, and at the same time, it can save you a lot of human resources investment.

Therefore, laser engraving machine in the leather industry is also widely used. Laser engraving machine in the leather industry applications also have called laser punching, most used for uppers, handbags, leather gloves, bags and so on.

The production process has some punching, surface hook or cutting pattern. Laser engraving machine compared with the traditional cutting method has many advantages: it cut out of the leather edge is not yellowish, but also automatically closed edge or roll edge, does not deform, will not be hard, the size is consistent and accurate, can cut any complex shape, high efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can cut any shape of any size of lace; machining has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece; safe operation, simple maintenance, etc. As a result of the combination of laser and computer technology, users as long as the design of a good pattern on the computer, you can output and at any time to change the engraving graphics, to achieve the edge design edge out of the product concept.

It can be said that the emergence of laser engraving machine, greatly promoted the development of the leather industry.

Laser engraving machine process requirements: Hook line surface will not be yellowish, carved material background color, leather cutting edge will not be blackened, carving to be clear.

Laser engraving machine Suitable for carving materials: synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC artificial leather, real fur materials, semi-finished products, and a variety of leather fabrics and so on. Laser engraving machine engraving speed: specific to see the size of the graphic, small pattern drawing line relative speed a little slower, speed in 0.8m/points, large pattern cutting speed in 1.5-3m/points, light intensity in 75%, the general leather can be cut through. Leather cutting a little slower, the speed in the 0.4-1.2m/points, light intensity in the 60-75%.

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