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What are the uses of laser cleaning machines?

When it comes to laser cleaning machines, the first things we think of are laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser oil removal, laser removal of coatings, and other functions. Today we will systematically introduce the actual uses and scope of use of Riselaser laser cleaning machines, summarized In summary, we can sort out eight applications of laser cleaning machines.

The shape of the laser beam of the laser cleaning machine is controllable, which does not damage the surface of cultural relics and can clean various product workpieces well, including cleaning rusty workpieces, removing paint on the surface of equipment, changing the dullness of oxidation on the surface of objects, etc.

What is a laser cleaning machine?

A laser cleaning machine is a machine that uses a high-energy laser beam to remove rust, oil stains, and other unnecessary materials on the surface of equipment. Riselaser laser cleaning machine uses high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy. It is a cleaning method that instantly evaporates or peels off oil stains, rust spots, or coatings on the surface, and effectively removes surface attachments or surface coatings at high speed. The laser pulse with a short action time will not damage the metal substrate under appropriate parameters.

The laser cleaning process advances various traditional cleaning methods, solves the problem of residues of various chemical agents left behind by chemical and mechanical cleaning methods, and also reduces the damage to the equipment.

What are the uses of laser cleaning machines:

  1. Rust removal from metal surfaces
  2. Surface paint removal and paint removal treatment
  3. Clean surface oil, stains and dirt
  4. Surface plating and coating are clear
  5. Pretreatment of welding surface and spraying surface
  6. Remove dust and attachments on the surface of stone statues
  7. Cleaning of rubber mold residues
  8. Antiques and cultural relics cleaning
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