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What Are The Two Categories Of Laser Marking Machines?

Laser marking machines are mainly divided into two categories, one is the optical fiber laser marking machine specially marking metals, and the other is the carbon dioxide laser marking machine specially marking non-metallic materials.Customers often ask, “Is there a laser marking machine that can mark both metal and non-metal?”.

1.Metal laser marking machine

In fact, there are also laser marking machines that can mark both metal and non-metal. They are called “ultraviolet picosecond laser marking machine”. This equipment adopts ultraviolet picosecond laser, and the marking accuracy is very high, but its limitation is that it is only suitable for marking thin materials, metal and non-metallic materials of a few tenths of a millimeter. Therefore, it has certain application limitations, which is generally used in medical treatment, Electronics and other industries that need precision marking are widely used.

fiber laser engraving machine

2.CO2 laser marking machine

Laser marking metal materials at present, the maximum power produced by our company can mark 20mm metal plates. Of course, greater laser power can mark thicker metal materials. However, considering the performance and use, our company can be used for marking cloth, paper products, plastics, rubber and other materials. Acrylic can mark up to 20mm and plastic rubber can mark within 10mm. One of the characteristics of laser marking is that it belongs to single-layer marking, and laser belongs to thermal marking. If multiple layers are marked together, the edges are prone to adhesion and affect the marking effect.

CO2 Laser marking machine-1

This is some characteristics of laser marking machine in marking materials.

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