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What are the differences between air cooling and water cooling of handheld laser welding machines?

1. The suitable welding equipment for air and water cooling are different.

Air-cooled cooling equipment is small in size, easy to move, and low in price. Heat dissipation requirements can be easily met in traditional argon arc welding. However, it isn’t quiet, and cannot adjust and control the temperature. It is not so suitable for handheld laser welding machines that require higher cooling requirements. Water-cooled cooling equipment, also known as laser chiller, uses water-cooled cooling. The water temperature can be adjusted and set through the thermostat. It has low noise and is more suitable for cooling handheld laser welding machines that have relatively high water temperature requirements.

2. In terms of later maintenance, air cooling and water cooling are almost the same.

Most of the welding chillers currently on the market are cabinet models, which can be easily nested into the welding cabinet and moved synchronously with the handheld laser welding machine, easily solving installation problems. Water cooling uses water circulation for cooling. It only needs to replace the circulating water regularly and does not require much maintenance. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the fans of air-cooled chillers are prone to dust accumulation and need to be cleaned frequently. Water-cooled chillers need to regularly replace pure water or distilled water to avoid the formation of scale, and the cooling fan needs to be cleaned regularly.

Air cooling is more suitable for low-power pulse lasers and some low-power continuous lasers, while water cooling, as a larger heat dissipation method, is more used for high-power lasers. This still needs to be distinguished clearly.

3. The cooling effect of air-cooled handheld laser welding machines is weaker than that of water-cooled handheld laser welding machines. The cooling system of a water-cooled laser welding machine uses water flow to cool the laser beam, thereby increasing welding speed and efficiency. Compared with air-cooled laser welding machines, this cooling method is more stable and has better welding quality. However, because the cooling system requires water flow, the equipment is relatively heavier and requires more energy.

To sum up, there is no fixed standard for the choice of water cooling and air cooling, and the appropriate style is often chosen based on the needs of the user. If your handheld laser welding machine has high power, then there is no other choice but to use water cooling.

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