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What Are The Applications Of Advanced Laser Sources?

Nanosecond green lasers are mainly used in solar panel cutting, PCB cutting and glass cutting. At present, most of the common nanosecond green lasers on the market have power below 40W. Compared with 40W nanosecond green laser, 60W nanosecond green light can increase the original processing speed of 6000 pieces/hour to 8000 pieces/hour on the solar panel cutting equipment; in the application of PCB board cutting, the PCB board can be reduced. The maximum cutting thickness is increased from the original 1mm to 2mm, and the carbonization generated on the material during cutting is significantly improved; in glass cutting applications, the glass drilling speed can be doubled, and the overall processing speed can be increased by more than 50%.

The infrared picosecond laser has a power of 100W, which can achieve 10mm thick glass cutting; the green picosecond laser has a power of 50W, which is mostly used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, polymer material processing and processing and other fields, in circuit board processing, solar silicon wafer cutting It has good performance in wire processing, and it is also suitable for life science fields such as cardiovascular stent processing and catheter manufacturing; UV picosecond laser power is up to 40W, and it is mostly used for processing hard and brittle materials such as glass, sapphire, OLED, and ceramics.

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