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UV Laser Marking Machine Power Mask And Forehead Temperature Gun Anti-Counterfeit Tracing.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, masks and forehead temperature guns have become necessities of life at this stage. However, the huge demand gap has led some illegal traders to take advantage of the opportunity, and a large number of low-quality masks have entered the market. The terms related to “fake masks” and “mask fraud” have repeatedly entered the hot search. False masks not only have no protective effect, but also have the risk of being contaminated due to the substandard production environment, which is extremely harmful to personal health. The most direct way to identify genuine and fake masks is to check the laser anti-counterfeit marks.


First of all, the pharmaceutical and medical industries attach great importance to safety and health, so the requirements for product marking are very high, and the information such as production date and instructions for use must be permanent, so we will choose a laser marking machine as the processing mark, rather than traditional methods such as inkjet printer and screen printing.

The forehead temperature gun is usually printed with LOGO on the plastic shell. The laser engraving effect of the UV laser marking machine has no hand feeling, and the font will not turn yellow due to burning, which can reflect the grade of the brand. The price of the UV laser marking machine is higher than that of the fiber laser marking machine, so it can reduce the probability of being imitated and play a role in anti-counterfeiting.

For the boxed 3M N95/KN95 series mask, it can be identified by the anti-counterfeit label on the mask packaging box. The label of the real mask will change color from different angles, while the label of the fake mask will not change color. For the bulk 3M N95/KN95 series masks, the authenticity can be identified by observing the font on the mask. The real 3M mask text is marked by laser, and the font has twill, while the fake is printed by ink, with dots (uneven ink marks).


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