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UV Laser Marking Machine Advantages In Glass Marking.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, there are also higher requirements for various materials. Glass can be said to be the most common things in daily life, such as mirrors, bowls and chopsticks, bottles, cups, etc. At the same time, glass is also a kind of common and exquisite art. Whether it is used in home decoration, office decoration, store decoration and other places, its application can be said to be varied, adding an artistic beauty to life. Moreover, glass has been widely used in the market because of its changeable shape, good impact resistance and controllable cost.

Today’s glassware is no longer just practical to meet people’s needs in the past. Glass technology is a hot topic in the market. For example, commercial places and entertainment places such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. are used. Carved drawings, drinking glasses, plates, etc. are opaque, have a clear sense of three-dimensional hierarchy, and the decorative effect is elegant. Such fine works of art are no longer the past, and can only be carved when firing. With the application of fiber lasers, you can carve your desired pictures on the finished glassware, which greatly accelerates the process of glass technology.

Glass is not difficult to understand. It is transparent and transparent. It is an indispensable art in life. At the same time, it is a brittle material, which is a great difficulty for machining. The traditional mechanical glass process is to make patterns or carved glass by chemical etching. It takes a long time to work, has low efficiency, and is easy to cause damage to appliances. This is a limitation of the traditional process, but the UV laser marking machine can make up for this.


The UV laser marking machine technology adopts non-contact processing, and generates graphics by software control. It can protect fragile products from external force. The output power is 1W-5W, the wavelength is 355nm, and the light spot is 0.7mm. It belongs to a cold light source, with narrow pulse width, fast beam, and easy integration. It is suitable for marking patterns or text information on the surface of glass materials.

UV samples

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