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The Other Main Application Of CO2 Laser Machine

Customized applications in special fields of CO2 laser machine

The beam properties of CO2 provide great possibilities for its customized applications in special fields, such as polymer, plastic and ceramic processing. CO2 laser can realize high speed cutting of ABS, PMMA, PP and other polymer materials. Using advanced CO2 laser, through the optimization of optical mode and optical path design, a more perfect light spot can be formed, which can reduce the heat affected area and cut high-quality mobile phone film products (PET protective film, display panel). The unique advantages of CO2 laser cutting technology make it more suitable for thin film precision cutting than UV laser cutting technology, and also meet the needs of precision processing in IT industry.

Medical application of CO2 laser machine 

After the 1990s, high-energy pulsed medical equipment, represented by super pulse CO2 laser treatment machine, has been successfully applied, which makes a breakthrough in the application field with higher requirements, especially in laser beauty. The development prospect is very broad. It is understood that CO2 laser assisted deep sclerectomy, referred to as class, is a non penetrating, non subconjunctival filtering bleb dependent surgery, through trabecular meshwork, deep sclera and choroid drainage aqueous humor to reduce intraocular pressure. This innovative operation has less complications; No bleb dependent, no postoperative scar problem; The operation is simple, the learning curve is short, and it is easy to master.

Industrial refrigeration of CO2 laser machine

At present, the annual market demand of CO2 laser in China is still more than one billion, and it is widely used in material cutting, welding, marking, carving, surface treatment and other fields. CO2 laser uses gas as the medium, whether it is the design of metal cavity RF excitation or glass tube, the internal components are more sensitive to the thermal effect, so high-precision cooling is necessary to protect the equipment and maintain a longer working life. Because the gas is easy to cause instability, accurate cooling also helps to ensure the stability of light output power.

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