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Riselaser’s UV Marking Machine

Riselaser’s UV Marking Machine With Built-In Water Tank Is Ship To The Customer’s Factory

Advantage Of Rielaser’s UV Laser Marking Machine

(1) Adopting doubling technique of intravenous frequency has greatly improve the stability of laser. Design on laser cavity adopts a series of optimization method, so as to ensure the beam quality as the fundamental mode.

(2) The machine takes 355nm pumped purple light laser device as the light source. Narrower pulse width and smaller heat affection contribute to generate peak power. The higher the peak power is, the wider the adapting range of materials is. This implement perfect printing in some relatively hard material.
(3)Higher pulse stability, namely better pulse consistency of laser produces the same carving effect, so it’s very suitable for precision marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the need of quick marking and high production efficiency.
(4) High efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long service life.
(5) Automatic in a rotary table (optional item), convenient feeding, fast speed, high efficiency.
(6) The mark is of environmental protection, comply with RoHS standard.
(7) It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from Auto-CAD, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc.
(8) Superior performance, good stability, high conversion rate and low energy consumption.


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