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Riselaser welding robot helps increase productivity

With the continuous development of my country’s industrial manufacturing industry and the expansion of industrial production needs, intelligent manufacturing and automated manufacturing have gradually become the goals pursued by many enterprises.
Under the traditional industrial model, the cost of training welding workers is high and it is difficult to retain workers, which cannot meet the needs of highly developed industrial production and manufacturing in the future. Therefore, with the continuous development and integration of advanced manufacturing technology and industrial robots, laser welding technology has begun to be well applied. Industrial robots are used to perform laser welding work to replace the traditional manual welding operations of workers.

Industrial robot laser welding

In the early days, industrial robot laser welding still faced challenges (such as inflexible machines, difficult programming, and time-consuming equipment debugging), so that the goal of automated laser welding could not be well achieved. Until recently, the Han family launched with the Riselaser laser The emergence of laser welding robots represented by robots has effectively solved the above problems.

The Riselaser robot is highly integrated with the Riselaser laser, Riselaser laser swing welding head, Riselaser robot, Riselaser control system, and Riselaser water cooling equipment. Its laser welding machine occupies a small area, can be flexibly moved, and can realize plane welding, vertical and overhead welding, and circular welding. Welding processes such as arc welding have greatly improved the intelligence and automation of laser welding, improved welding efficiency and reduced welding costs to a great extent.

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