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Riselaser Laser Marking Machine Marks On Paper Shell?

Riselaser Laser marking machine marks on paper shell?

Sure. As the name suggests, the laser marking machine is to use the laser marking machine to print the content you want, including company name, product name, product information: number, serial number, etc., as well as production date, anti crosstalk code, etc.

Therefore, the wide application of laser marking machine is unmatched by many other equipment. Laser marking machine has been widely used in industry and people’s daily life.

Among them, we take wrapping paper as an example. The most common packaging is yellowing packaging paper. Another is that there are colors everywhere on the packaging, some of which are covered with film, and some of which are not. Here, we will study the laser marking of two kinds of packaging paper shells.

1. The first category is the yellowish laser marking machine. Most of the choices of this category are CO2 laser marking machines. The main factors of this category are strong applicability, low price and stable laser marking machines.

30W CO2 Laser Marking Machine(2)

2. The other is the colored paper shell. If there is no coating, the colored one can be selected, and the optical fiber laser marking machine can be used. In case of film coating, a more advanced CO2 laser marking machine, like 9.3 um wavelength, is required, which is mainly used for the marking of film coated products.

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