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Precautions For Using Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving machine is widely used, and the cutting and engraving speed is very fast. Therefore, it also promotes the laser engraving machine to become the engraving machine equipment with the most applications in the industry. However, as a laser equipment, it will cause some radiation hazards to the human body when in use, especially the laser arc and flame during cutting, which is particularly harmful to the eyes of operators. So, in the daily production and use process, how should we protect our eyes and prevent radiation?

The typical protective equipment of laser cutting machine is laser protective goggles. According to its protection principle, protective goggles to avoid laser damage to human eyes can be divided into reflection type, absorption type, diffraction type and composite type. Of course, they will filter and protect according to the laser radiation wave output of laser cutting machine, so as to maintain the laser of laser cutting machine of human body, This is also the safe and convenient laser cutting machine protection equipment on the market. This form of protection can also be used for plasma arc of plasma cutting machine.

1.According to national or local regulations, wear dark eyes or goggles with protective layer or welding work cap to protect eyes from strong light of flame, ultraviolet and infrared rays of plasma arc.

2.Pay attention to diet adjustment to strengthen radiation resistance.

3.When arranging the cutting site, the following measures can be taken to reduce the reflection or radiation of ultraviolet rays: paint the wall of the workplace dark to reduce the radiation; Protective screen or vertical curtain shall be installed to reduce ultraviolet radiation.

4.When the lenses of eyes, goggles or work cap are sunken, please change them immediately.

5.Other personnel in the working area shall not look directly at the arc or flame during cutting.

The above are the common protective measures for some laser engraving machine operators. Doing the most basic protection and safety work from all aspects can not only better operate the equipment, but also do a better job in personal protection and safety

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