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Precautions For Metal Laser Marking Machines

① It is strictly forbidden to change the protection circuit and the main parts of the laser arbitrarily;

② Does not allow the acoustic and optical power supply to work without load (that is, the acoustic and optical power output is suspended);

③ Abnormal phenomenon, first turn off the emergency stop switch, the main power supply after the inspection;

④ Does not allow other components to be activated before Krypton lights are lit to prevent high pressure from stringing into damaged components.

⑤ Note that the laser power output (anode) can not be suspended to prevent fire and breakdown between other electrical appliances;

⑥ Keeps the circulating water clean, regularly cleans the water tank and changes clean deionized or pure water.

⑦ Keeps the indoor and machine surfaces clean and tidy.

⑧ Regularly check each optical lens for dirt (the duration depends on the working environment), if there is dirt emergency wipe.

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