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Metal rust removal is urgent!

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, metal products are used more and more widely in industry, agriculture, and various fields of people’s lives, and they also create more and more value for society. Metal is a class of substances that is shiny (that is, strongly reflects visible light), malleable, and conducts heat and electricity. Metal is extremely commonly used in life. It is a very important and most used substance in modern industry. It can be as small as a kettle or a screw, or as large as a car, an airplane, or a ship… From daily metal products manufacturing, metal tool manufacturing, container and metal packaging container manufacturing, stainless steel and similar manufacturing, shipbuilding and marine engineering manufacturing, etc.

Metal materials are damaged by the action of the surrounding medium, which is called metal corrosion. Metal rust is the most common form of corrosion. Metal corrosion phenomena are very common, such as rust on iron products, white spots on the surface of aluminum products, patina on the surface of copper products, blackening on the surface of silverware, etc., which all belong to metal corrosion.

During corrosion, a chemical or electrochemical multiphase reaction occurs at the interface of the metal, causing the metal to transition into an oxidized (ionic) state. This will significantly reduce the mechanical properties such as strength, plasticity, and toughness of metal materials, destroy the geometry of metal components, increase wear between parts, deteriorate electrical and optical physical properties, shorten the service life of equipment, and even cause accidents. Therefore, rust removal is an important prerequisite to ensure safe work.
Qiangyuan Laser has been committed to the research and exploration of laser cleaning technology. Relying on the strong scientific research platform of the Shandong Academy of Sciences, Qiangyuan Laser has now formed core competitiveness in the field of laser cleaning. It has more than 10 types of this series of products and has obtained more than 50 patent technology authorizations.

As a provincial laser institute achievement transformation project, the team has accumulated many years of technology accumulation and conducted countless cleaning and testing tests in the early stages. At present, the company’s laser rust removal technology is very mature. The developed laser cleaning equipment has stable performance, complete intelligent parameter settings, and a simple and clear operation interface. Based on effectively protecting the metal substrate, it can achieve difficult and precise cleaning of complex surfaces of materials. It has successfully helped many companies complete the transition from traditional high-pollution cleaning. The transformation to technological and environmentally friendly green cleaning has enabled the recycling of materials and greatly extended the service life of workpieces.

Laser cleaning can not only clean metal rust, but also oil, paint, and other organic or inorganic compounds on the metal surface can be quickly and efficiently cleaned. In addition, lasers can be used to clean wood, stone, composite materials, and walls that are common in life and industry. For precision stone carvings and ancient cultural relics, laser cleaning has significant advantages compared with traditional cleaning technology. On the one hand, the depth and area of laser cleaning can be controlled through parameter adjustment to improve accuracy; on the other hand, the laser itself will not The stone carvings bring damage and pollution to themselves and the surrounding environment.

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