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Materials Marked By CO2 Laser Marking Machines And UV Laser Marking Machines.

In our life, laser marking machine has gradually entered people’s field of vision, in order to improve its anti-counterfeiting, each batch of laser marking machine is used to identify each batch of products, in order to let consumers rest assured, users are using it. As soon as you enter the laser marking machine, do you have clear regulations on the materials used for the laser marking machine?

CO2 laser marking machines mainly focus on wood products, acrylic and leather. These three categories can be said to be non CO2 laser marking machines, except for fiber laser marking machines, which only need to remove the paint on the product materials.

30W CO2 Laser Marking Machine(2)

2. UV laser marking machine is a kind of precise laser marking equipment, which can produce effect on the material with UV layer. It can be said that it is a laser marking machine specially designed for various plastic materials. Many matching equipment, such as various wires, chargers, earphones and so on, have selected UV laser marking machine, However, the user does not have a high requirement for the effect, and the fiber laser marking machine can also be selected. The accuracy of UV laser marking machine is higher than the other two models, so some products with high precision requirements such as high-end chips need to use UV laser marking machine. UV laser marking machine can be used not only for plastics, but also for glass, porcelain and other materials.

3W UV laser mini marking machine-1

The materials used by various lasers will be different. These materials really involve all walks of life. This product is different from the traditional laser marking machine in marking way, using steel seal, inkjet and other flying contact marks, fully in line with the ROHS certification standards. Therefore, consumers see the production date marking, logo marking and so on are safe to use laser marking marks, will not bring harmful substances to the product.



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