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Maintenance Of Laser Engraving Machine In Operation

1, Chassis, laser power supply, computer power supply must be good grounding, should regularly check the grounding screws have no rust or loosening, timely cleaning and fastening.

2, The movement part such as small car pulley and slide, linear guide rail if contaminated or corroded, will directly affect the processing effect, should be regularly cleaned, and in the guide rail coated with lubricating oil, in case of rust.

3, Honeycomb platform after a long time (especially cutting) will stick to processing waste or even clog the hive hole, in case of laser irradiation may smoke or even burn, should be regularly removed.

4, Pay attention to smoke outlet and exhaust pipe can not be clogged, at any time to check and remove occlusion to maintain smooth.

5, Cooling water should pay attention to keep clean and regular replacement. When processing should always check whether the water level is sufficient, water temperature is too high.

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