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Lasers Types And Applications

According to the working materials, lasers can be divided into gas lasers, including CO2 lasers, He Ne lasers, etc; Liquid laser with liquid dye as pump source; Solid state lasers, Nd: YAG, Nd: YVO4, Yb: YLP, etc; Semiconductor laser, etc.

According to the working mode, it can be divided into continuous laser and pulse laser.

From the basic working principle, all kinds of lasers are similar to each other, including pump source, optical resonator and gain medium.

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In laser marking, the commonly used lasers are YAG lamp pumped solid state laser, side pumped solid state laser, end pumped solid state laser, fiber laser and CO2 laser. As far as marking processing is concerned, many lasers are competent in this aspect because the processing depth and intensity are not very high. The difference between side pump and end pump is mainly in the pump direction.

The CO2 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6 μ m in the far infrared band, and CO2 gas is used as the pump medium. In addition, the high voltage makes the rarefied gas produce self-excited conduction, which makes the gas molecules release laser.


Laser technology is widely used in industry, but it is a little far away from our life. In our daily life, we can actually see the shadow of laser processing in many places. For example, when you buy goods, you can see that many of the codes and accessories on clothes are also made by laser processing. In the past, common CD/DVDs, laser printers, laser anti-counterfeit signs, bar code scanners used by salespeople when shopping and paying, etc.


In fact, the types of lasers are far more than the above. With the continuous development of science and technology, laser technology is also constantly penetrating into more fields, bringing more changes to our lives.

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