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Laser Welding Machine Application In Auto Parts

Automobile manufacturing is the most complex of civil products. Its manufacturing process is a systematic project, from the R & D and application of materials, then electronic control technology, electromechanical automation technology, mechanical design and finally computer simulation technology, which are difficult to get through imitation.

Automobile manufacturing usually has four processes: stamping, welding, coating and final assembly. Among them, welding process is an important part of auto parts, and a variety of welding methods can be used for auto welding. At present, the traditional welding method has low efficiency, variability and low precision, which is difficult to meet the needs of fine welding and low-cost processing in automobile manufacturing. Laser welding can help automobile manufacturing enterprises solve the problems of low welding efficiency, variability and low precision. It has been widely used in many aspects of automobile manufacturing. At the same time, the scheme can also configure relevant equipment for technical improvement in relevant aspects, realize the flexibility and automation of welding processing, and help automobile related enterprises achieve more profits.

In the production of automobile parts, laser welding machine has been widely used, such as automobile high-voltage relay, filter, torque sensor, turbocharger, oil rail, cylinder pad, spark plug, block motor stator, seat adjusting screw rod, airbag and many other aspects.

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