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Laser Welding Machine Application Fields (2)

4. Automotive Industry

Now, the production line of laser welding machine has appeared in the automobile manufacturing industry on a large scale, and has become one of the outstanding achievements of the automobile manufacturing industry. Many automobile manufacturers use laser welding and cutting processes.

5. Jewellery Industry

Due to the high precision of laser processing, it is very suitable for expensive, heavy and fine products in the jewelry industry. Because the laser focusing beam is very thin ‚ magnify through the microscope ‚ magnify the small parts of jewelry ‚ to achieve precision welding. The connection of jewelry chains and the inlaying of gemstones should be completed by laser spot welding machine, which is a necessary equipment.

6. Military Industry And Aerospace Industry

Laser welding machine is very suitable for military and aerospace applications due to its precision and high reliability, such as the welding of aerospace electrical connectors and sensors. High quality tracking is required for military products and aerospace parts. The laser has high coherence. It can instantly raise the temperature to very high in a small area. Automatic workbench and mechanical equipment are used. The workpiece surface can be clad through the laser automatic powder feeding system Surface treatment and workpiece repair.

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