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Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine has already become the primary choice of major processing industries. In life, we use mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, potato chip bags, packing boxes, switch panels, even leather bags and jeans laser marking technology everywhere. Different materials and different laser equipment, but no matter which equipment, Riselaser laser is your trusted choice. Carbon dioxide laser inkjet printer, optical fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, etc. meet your marking and inkjet requirements of various materials.

As we all know, the laser marking machine has small volume and small power, but it is fast. Compared with laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine, laser marking machine is more economical. Our laser marking machine is also developing towards the integration of marking and cutting technology. In other words, for leather, denim and other materials, a laser equipment can mark, cut and carve, with high marking accuracy and faster cutting speed than ordinary cutting machines. This is a trusted choice for luggage, footwear and other industries, and can maximize the best of both worlds.

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