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Laser Marking Machine Welcomes Another Spring For The Plastic Products Industry

It is well known that plastics are widely used in various industries, including industry, agriculture, communications, packaging, and home. With the continuous improvement of plastic products, the marking method of materials has been upgraded, and the traditional ink coding has been further upgraded to the advanced plastic laser marking machine.

Plastic laser marking machine

Food and Beverage: In order to make the products more beautiful, and to effectively anti-counterfeit and manage the products, various food and beverages are gradually using advanced plastic laser marking machines.

Electronic appliances: In the electrical and electronic industry, Shenzhen plastic laser marking machine is mainly used for marking and pattern marking of plastic products such as mobile phone adapters, earphones, casings, computer mice, light-transmissive keyboards and various electronic components.

Lighting: Modern LED lamps, lamp holders, lampshades, switch lamp lighting accessories need to use laser for information marking.

The laser marking processing method is very flexible. It can be controlled by computer software. The pattern, text, etc. can be customized. In addition, laser marking can realize offline (or independent) integration into the assembly line, which is more convenient and effective. Process, thereby achieving the effect of reducing costs and improving quality. With the advantages of integrated laser marking, more and more manufacturers are more inclined to plastic laser marking machines in plastic marking processing.

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