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Laser Marking Machine Effect On New National Regulations For Food Packaging Label

Food safety has become one of the most stringent regulatory areas in China, but even so, China’s food safety incidents still emerge in an endless stream. Such problems as excessive additives, food deterioration, carcinogenic components, and even poisoning after eating caused panic among consumers. Over the years, China has been vigorously monitoring the field of food safety, including food materials, production safety, sanitary conditions, packaging, sales and circulation, and now food safety has been greatly improved.

However, the frequent infringement, counterfeiting and other problems of external packaging also appear one after another. In order to better protect the rights and interests of brand businesses and do a good job in tracking the food production and supply chain, the state and enterprises advocate new anti-counterfeiting technology for packaging technology, which greatly improves the situation that regular businesses are infringed and counterfeited.

In order to further standardize the labeling of food marks and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and food producers and operators, the State Administration of market supervision and Administration issued the measures for supervision and administration of food marks (Draft for comments), which specifically required the name, content, text, color, size, content of ingredients, origin and date of the food outer packaging mark.

Article 7 stipulates: “the date of production and the date of quality guarantee shall be marked and printed on the packaging surface with white background; If the laser etching method is used to mark the production date and quality guarantee date, the words shall be clear “. Using laser technology to mark the outer packaging, the content is clear and indelible, which can effectively prevent the production date, origin and other information from being modified without authorization, and effectively ensure the food safety.

Laser marking has been used in food packaging for nearly 20 years. From the earliest plastic and paper packaging to beverage cans, medical packaging and hot cosmetics packaging, laser marking machine has been widely used. Including moon cake boxes, candy boxes, bottled water and so on, which are common in our life, all adopt laser marking technology. The introduction of the “food labeling supervision and management measures” has once again proved the value of laser marking machine in all walks of life.

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