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Laser Engraving: Promising Applications For Lasers

Laser engraving is divided into external carving and internal carving. Compared with external carving, internal carving technology is more difficult, and the artistic effect of finished products is better. Laser engraving creates a visual and tactile artistic image with a certain space through various plastic materials or hard materials that can be carved and carved to reflect social life and express people’s wishes.


The general carving process is to carve out the desired shape from the outside of the material. In laser engraving, a special laser engraving machine is used to shoot a laser beam through a beam expander, field lens and other optical accessories, from different angles into transparent objects (such as glass, crystal, acrylic, etc.), and accurately meet At one point. The energy is converted from light energy to heat energy, and the point is blasted to form a tiny blasting point. These blasting points are distributed according to different patterns, brightness and darkness, and finally the desired pattern is formed. There is no need to worry about the incident laser light will destroy other areas inside or outside-because when the laser passes through a transparent object, his Because the energy is not focused, the energy cannot destroy the material. Only the energy at the focus point can be achieved by adjusting the current to destroy the material.


Laser internal engraving technology is a new form of artistic expression, which is different from traditional engraving art, it makes the work more delicate and more individual. With the innovative development of the fusion of laser technology and art, people have sublimated aesthetic concepts and pursued artistic quality more and more.

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