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Laser Engraving-Perfect Integration In Art

In China now, art is not only limited to the previous traditional art, but now art has many forms. However, whether it is traditional art or modern emerging new art types, many kinds have been inseparable from laser engraving.

There are many traditional arts in ancient China, “paper cutting” is one of them. Paper cutting art is rare in the south, but in the north, it is a job that every family must know. Many families have passed this down as a tradition from generation to generation, and some businessmen have developed paper-cut art into a commodity for people to buy and sell. Now laser engraving has been widely used in paper-cut processing.

In the paper-cut processing factory of a paper-cut processor, three or five workers were busy in an orderly manner. More than a dozen paper laser hollows were running at high speed. They saw the beam of laser walking back and forth on red non-woven fabrics. In a few minutes, more than a dozen festive and beautiful folk paper-cut works were completed.

It takes only a few minutes to process a set of paper cuts with laser engraving, and a machine can work 24 hours a day, which is five or six hours shorter than that of manually cutting and engraving a set of works. If hundreds of thousands of paper cuts are cut and engraved manually, it will take 100 people to process them day and night for nearly three months. However, now with the laser hollowing machine, all this has become different. A few people can easily complete it in more than ten days.

In addition to the use of laser engraving in traditional technology, modern emerging art also makes full use of laser, the most obvious is laser cutting.

The first feeling of metal is rigidity. The feeling of art is ethereal and aural. Metal and art seem to have no intersection at all, but there are exceptions to everything. With the cooperation of laser cutting metal technology and artists’ rich creativity, the hard steel plate can also be transformed into a soft body and wings, just like the metal Phoenix cut by laser technology.

As an important laser cutting technology in the current popular laser technology, laser cutting has been widely used in sheet metal processing and metal processing. Compared with the traditional cutting technology, laser cutting machine can cut workpieces with better quality and reduce the processing process.

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