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Laser Cleaning Machine For Helmet Mold

Helmet mold is one of the important products of helmet construction. Every time a batch of helmets are built, their appearance will have a little residue. How can they be washed very well without damaging the material?

100W laser  cleaning machine  (1)

Laser cleaner is a very good choice. Riselaser’s laser cleaning machine, also known as “laser mold cleaning machine”, can eliminate the residue of the appearance of the helmet mold, and can wash the appearance of some fine cracks and corners that are not intact. It does not need manual wiping, but also survives the danger of sand blasting cleaning to the mold. The cleaning condition is good. It has its own dust collection assembly, so there is no need to worry about the contamination of the situation, which becomes the question of environmental protection. Riselaser’s laser cleaning machine has been successfully used to wash tire molds, seal molds, glass molds, plastic product molds and food molds. The cleaning results are numerous and won praise from customers.

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