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Laser Cleaning Machine Characteristics And Development Trend

Traditional cleaning industrial equipment has a variety of cleaning methods, mostly using chemical agents and mechanical methods. With the increasingly strict requirements of China’s environmental protection laws and regulations and the increasing awareness of people’s environmental protection and safety, the types of chemicals that can be used in industrial production cleaning will become less and less. Laser cleaning has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, low heat effect and suitable for all kinds of objects.

Among the pollutants on the workpiece surface, the combination between the attachment on the workpiece surface and the surface is mainly due to the following forces. Among them, capillary force, adsorption force and electrostatic force are the most difficult to destroy, so laser cleaning needs to overcome these forces. The smaller the size of particles, the greater the acceleration required to remove them, which is why conventional cleaning technology is difficult to remove the surface attachments of objects with small diameter.

The research of laser cleaning technology and the development of equipment in China started late, basically tracking the development of foreign countries. Although some achievements have been made in a short time, there is an obvious gap compared with foreign countries. Therefore, there are not many mature laser cleaning equipment in China. It is also very important to improve the cleaning efficiency and stability.

The research of laser cleaning technology started in the mid-1980s, but it did not really enter industrial production until the early 1990s. In many occasions, it gradually replaces the traditional cleaning methods. In foreign countries, the decontamination range of laser cleaning is very wide, from thick rust layer to fine particles on the laser surface can be removed. In decontamination, there are many types of equipment used in laser cleaning experiments, and the wavelength of the laser used is wide. However, the development of laser cleaning technology is uneven. Some have taken the lead in industrialization, while others are still in the laboratory stage.

The emergence of laser cleaning technology has opened up a new field of industrial application of laser technology. Using China’s existing laser technology conditions, supporting laser cleaning equipment has been developed. And make it practical in a short time. Industrialization. It is entirely possible and of great significance to promote the development of high-tech industries.

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