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Laser Cleaning Machine Application In Weapon

Compared with other processing methods, laser cleaning machine processing has incomparable advantages in non-contact, non “cutting force” processing, high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point material processing, high flexibility, high controllable processing, high precision, high quality, high efficiency processing, etc.

After decades of continuous development, laser cleaning machine technology has formed a more systematic and perfect technical team, including welding, cutting, hole making, marking, engraving, coating surface heat treatment, alloying, cleaning, impact strengthening, material addition manufacturing and laser micro nano processing.

Laser cleaning machine technology has been widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning system can effectively and rapidly remove corrosion and pollutants, and the cleaning site can be selected to realize the automation of cleaning. The cleanliness of laser cleaning is not only higher than that of chemical cleaning, but also has less damage to the object surface. By setting different parameters, dense oxide protective film or metal melting layer can also be formed on the surface of metal objects to improve the surface strength and corrosion resistance. The wastes removed by laser do not pollute the environment basically, and can also be used for long-distance operations, effectively reducing the health loss of operators.

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Laser cleaning machine advantages

1. Portable design: compact structure, wearable, ergonomic, single person operation.

2. High efficiency cleaning: laser cleaning has high efficiency and saves time.

3. Non contact: laser cleaning without grinding and non-contact.

4. No pollution: it can easily solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning without using any chemical agent and cleaning solution.

5. Strong expansibility: replaceable field mirror, changing focal depth, wider laser cleaning format.


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