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Laser Cleaning Industry’s Development Status And Prospect

The application of laser cleaning technology in Europe has been popularized for several years, and there are products, but China has only just started, mainly because the investment of laser equipment is expensive, and it is still difficult to be widely used. The research of laser cleaning technology and the development of equipment in China basically follow the development of foreign countries. Although some achievements have been made in a short time, there is an obvious gap compared with foreign countries.

In 2010, the laser fusion center of Chinese Academy of engineering physics first tried to develop laser cleaning equipment in China and successfully applied it to Yungang Grottoes, stone walls, stone statues, murals and other cultural relics. In the following years, the papers of various domestic scientific research institutions on laser cleaning technology gradually increased, and the industry’s attention to laser cleaning technology gradually increased. Many enterprises tried to develop laser cleaning equipment.

As a green and efficient cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has remarkable economic benefits and broad market prospects. However, the research on laser cleaning in China is still insufficient. If we can use our existing laser technology to develop supporting laser cleaning equipment, put it into production and realize industrialization, we believe that with the decline of laser cost, laser cleaning technology will be gradually popularized, and the innovation and substitution of process can reduce pollution sources from the source, Truly promote the implementation of China’s environmental protection work.

As an advanced technology in laser manufacturing, laser cleaning technology has great application value potential in industrial development. Vigorously developing laser cleaning technology has very important strategic significance for the significant improvement of the international competitiveness of China’s high-end laser manufacturing technology and equipment and the development of economy and society. The relevant departments of national science, technology and environmental protection should pay more attention to it.

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