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Is the production efficiency of hand-held laser welding machine high?

The handheld laser welding machine is fast, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding, and a machine can save at least two welders a year. The weld is smooth and beautiful after welding, reducing the subsequent grinding process, and saving time and cost. Laser welding workpiece no deformation, no welding scars, solid welding. Laser welding has fewer consumables and a long service life.

The welding head of the handheld laser welding machine can be equipped with 5-meter/10-meter imported optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient for outdoor welding.

The laser welding machine is a commonly used welding equipment in industrial production, and it is also an indispensable machine for laser material processing. From the early development of laser welding machines to the present technology, welding machines have produced many types, including the widely used handheld laser welding machines.

The traditional welding machine is high cost, and the workers can not stay, affected by many factors such as emotions and diseases, the use of automated mechanical work has a good coordination effect, is not affected by human factors, and can be quickly applied to different workplaces, simple equipment can be welded.

Advantages of fiber laser welding:

Handheld laser welding, there is no fine welding table, low energy consumables, and low maintenance cost of setting equipment configuration, also in the environment we need to maintain the workbench, and manual laser setting equipment configuration as long as equipped with handheld laser welding discussion can complete the job, in exchange, the exchange cost of parts is low, if you do not know the exchange, if you do not know the exchange. The manufacturer can maintain it directly.

A handheld laser welding machine has a unique laser welding function, the key function is laser welding, can not be said to completely abandon the operation of personnel, but the laser is its most important function, while the price is relatively high, the specific price is how much, which ultimately needs to see the customer’s custom needs.

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