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Is The Laser Welding Machine Harmful To Human Body?

Laser welding machine has been widely used in the metal processing market. Laser welding machine is a common machine for laser material processing. The main principle of welding is heating, melting and cooling. In the process of laser welding, sparks often glitter, and their working principle is laser. Will these be harmful to human body?

Laser is a kind of light with the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromaticity and good coherence. Compared with ordinary light, the brightness of laser is better and more accurate, and the light color is relatively single. Generally, the laser cannot be touched or seen, which can be considered as almost harmless. However, it should be noted that the temperature of the laser beam is very high. Never point the laser to the human body.

Pay attention to ventilation and inhalation of dust and metal particles during the operation of laser welding machine. The protective gas is generally inert gas, but do not inhale too much. It is recommended to wear dust mask during operation.

It’s best to stay away from the welding part during the welding process. Although the laser source radiation hazard of the laser welding machine is almost zero, the welding process will lead to two other kinds of radiation, ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation. This induced radiation is not lack of short wave, and has a great impact on eyes and body. It’s best to stay away from the welding spot and don’t look directly at the light source. If you work in close proximity with laser welding, you’d better wear respiratory protective equipment, radiation protective clothing and eye masks.

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