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Is The Laser Welding Machine Beam Harmful To Human Body?

With the development of industrial science and technology, many schools will also purchase teaching laser welding machines for students’ teaching and experimental courses.


Generally, the laser welding machines on the market can be divided into heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding. The heat of the former diffuses to the inside of the workpiece through heat transfer, and only produces melting phenomenon on the surface of the weld. The inside of the workpiece is not completely penetrated, and generally does not produce vaporization phenomenon. The former is mainly used for the welding of low-speed thin-walled materials. The latter not only completely penetrates the material, but also vaporizes the material and forms a large amount of plasma. Due to the large heat, the keyhole phenomenon will appear at the front of the molten pool. Deep penetration welding can completely weld the workpiece, and has the characteristics of high energy and fast welding speed. Deep penetration welding is the most widely used laser welding mode at present.

Is the laser welding machine beam harmful to human body?

At present, the invisibility and energy of the laser emitted by the laser welding machine on the market are too high. Non-professional personnel should not touch the laser source, otherwise it is very dangerous. In addition, laser also belongs to electromagnetic wave, but the laser wavelength used by laser welding machine is very large, so there is no radiation hazard of short wavelength light wave such as ultraviolet ray. In addition, laser welding will produce many gases during operation, but most of them are inert gases with no toxicity. However, it also depends on the different treatment of welding materials. It is better to take protective measures to reduce gas inhalation. The laser emitted by the laser welding machine has almost no radiation hazard, but there will be ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation during the welding process. It is better to stay away from the welding part during the welding process. The induced radiation is not only short wave, but also has great impact on eyes and body. It is better to stay away from the welding spot. Therefore, if it is necessary to work in close proximity, protective measures should be taken as far as possible, such as wearing respiratory protective equipment, radiation protective clothing, and professional laser protective glasses, so as to reduce the harm to human body.

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As long as you do a good job of laser protection and pay attention to some warning signs on the machine, the harm of laser welding beam to human body is still minimal.

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